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Alright, if you are gonna play guitar, than you should learn each one of these chords. They are linked to a page with a video, a guitar chord diagram and a bit of info about the chord. Learn each one and don’t forget their shape, the fingering and most important the chord name and notes in the chord, because soon you’ll be playing songs with them!

Chords in A
A7 Chord
A Minor 7 Chord

Chords in D
D Chord
D7 Chord
D Minor Chord

Chords in E
E7 Chord
E Minor Chord
E Minor 7 Chord

Chords in G
G7 Chord
G Minor Chord

I know I’m missing chords in the keys of B, C and F. But most songs are covered with the ones I gave you, and for messin you about, here’s some great video lessons with a 14 day free trial!!!

Chord Progressions

Welcome to my new site.  I’m going to show you some really popular guitar chords and songs here, as well as teach you about some of the best chord progressions that are easy to play and will have you sounding amazing at guitar right away!

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The chart below should be a great start as to what progressions will work in certain keys, so you can just look up those chords, and start playing and sounding great almost immediately!

chord progressions

I hope you enjoy.