Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Ok So you are new to guitar, and you are considering taking lessons.

Let’s talk about a few really great ways to learn guitar as a beginner.

1.) Books, Magazines, Chord Charts
There’s tons of great material out there that can show you things from how to tune a guitar, to how to play virtually every chord known to mankind. Really you can play an unlimited amount of songs just on 3 or 4 chords. G, C, D and Aminor. I learned how to play guitar out of the Beatles Anthology books. It was a set of two books with almost every Beatles song in it as sheet music. They had chord diagrams for every song, and I knew the music so well, that all I had to do was learn the chords. Once I played them right, I could hear that they were right. But I guess I have a good ear for music.

2.) Free Learn Guitar Websites
There’s literally 1000 websites that can teach you guitar for free online. Heck, Youtube has a billion videos that you can learn almost every riff ever played by any guitarist in history. It’s a plethora of free information that can give you a great start to learning guitar.   If this was around when I first started learning guitar, I’d probably be a lot better of a player than I am now.

3.)  Local Guitar Lessons
This is like the original way that most people used to learn how to play guitar.  You either know someone, or look in the classified ads for someone who teaches guitar, and you take your axe to some dudes house (or girl), and they’ll teach you their ideas of the best way to master your instrument.  It’s kind of a cool way to learn, because you can interact with the teacher, and have a sort of jam buddy, but it can really be expensive.

4.) Online Guitar Lessons
Well it’s 2014, and I think this is probably now the best way for a beginner to learn how to play guitar.  There’s a few reasons for this.  There are a few paid membership sites that have a boat load of video lessons for guitar.   This is quite a bit better than Youtube because the videos are usually professionally shot, and have excellent audio on them.  Second it’s more organized and laid out than Youtube.  With youtube, you search for a song, or lesson type that you want to learn, and then they just fire a bunch of videos from every Joe Solo in the book.  But with online guitar lessons, the videos are laid out in a logical order of what to learn first, second, third, etc.  It really gives you a focus and plan on how to learn the guitar.

5.)  Learn By Ear
Ok Jimmi Hendrix.  If you are really talented, you can probably just pick up the guitar, and you’ll just know how to play it.  But it’s rare.  If this is you, then you are a future guitar god.  If not, I’d suggest one of the first 4 methods to learn guitar from above!

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