Common Chord Progressions Lesson

Common Chord Progressiones Lesson

This lesson takes you through 5 different but common Rock and Pop Progressions.

Progressions in Key of G

1/4/5 Progression:
Gmaj, Cmaj & Dmaj.
This is a typical progression that works in any major scale.  You can either barre or play open chords.

2/5/1 Progression:
Amin, Dmaj, Gmaj

3/6/2/5/1 Progression:
Bmin, Emin, Amin, Dmaj, Gmaj

1/5/6/4 Progression:
Gmaj, Dmaj, Emin, Cmaj

1/Flat7/4 Progression:
Gmaj, Fmaj, Amin

Progressions In Key of Emin

1/4/5 Progression
Emin, Amin, B7 or Bmaj

This is a very common blues progression.


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