24 Free Video Guitar Lessons – AWESOME!

Ya, that’s right, 24 absolutely free video lessons are coming your way right now!

Video lessons are the absolute best way to learn new licks, songs and riffs for any guitar player!

I am a self taught player, and the easiest and most productive way I learned, was simply to learn the songs I already knew and loved. I mean, I knew right away if I was screwing it up cause I could hear it!

Guitar Tricks website has so much killer stuff, it’s never ending. This includes hundreds of song lessons, where a guitar teacher will show you exactly how to play each part of the song perfectly. Including verses, choruses, solos, and even guitar harmonies if the song has em.

Check out this RIDICULOUS list of songs
that Guitar Tricks has available for you to learn!

Ok so now for the free video lessons!  There are 4 on this page, but just for signing up for a basic free account, you get 20 more lessons, which totals 24 free lessons!

Click Here To Grab Your 24 Free Video Guitar Lessons!

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